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As an educational institution, you guide children, teenagers and young adults through their first steps in the world or in their occupation. In doing so, you work in a sector that is highly regulated, with specific laws, rules and agreements. With their sound knowledge of education law and recent developments in education, our specialists will guide you through strategic issues and legal matters, across the full breadth of our profession.

Education has specific rules on many subjects. This can be complicated. Boels Zanders’ strength lies in the bundling together of the different areas of law, combined with a focus on education law issues. This enables us to work with you on numerous subjects and provide pragmatic advice. Our legal advice takes account of the political, administrative and social aspects of your sector.

Our lawyers work for educational institutions throughout the Netherlands. They are familiar with the education laws and regulations and the special dispute procedures in the different sectors. This knowledge of education law , combined with our expertise in other areas of law, ensures that we can provide your institution with specialist knowledge on any legal issue. In the process, we are happy to work with your own legal team to reach the best solution together.

Higher professional and university education

Sector-specific laws and regulations take on a new dimension in higher education. Teaching goes hand in hand with research, making issues of collaboration, scientific integrity and intellectual property more important. Your institution operates in a very dynamic national and international field. As a result, the questions are often complex and the stakes are high – reason enough to seek the assistance of legal specialists with expertise.

Senior secondary vocational education (MBO)

As an MBO institution, you have a special role to play. You are training the professionals of tomorrow today. Your students have one foot in education and one foot in professional practice. The education you provide is therefore often shaped in collaboration with industry. This requires legal advisors who know your world and that of your partners. You will find those advisors at Boels Zanders.

Secondary education

Guiding young people on their path to adulthood: as a secondary education institution, you perform an important task. And it’s a challenging one, because with an increasing teacher shortage, it’s not easy to ensure good teaching. Our lawyers help you comply with the requirements of the law and respond to social trends.

Primary education

Children, parents, staff. Public authorities, partnerships and chain partners: At your primary education institution, many stakeholders come together to help young children get off to a good start. Equality of opportunity and inclusive education are important issues for your sector. We would be happy to help you perform all your statutory duties so you can put all your efforts into fulfilling your role.

State-funded and private education

In addition to regular state-funded education, private education is on the rise: from tutoring institutes or “shadow education” to primary schools, secondary schools, and institutions providing secondary vocational, higher professional and university education. Many state-funded educational institutions in secondary vocational, higher professional and university education also operate commercially by offering contract education. Our lawyers know the legal requirements for state-funded and private education and will be happy to assist you with legal advice and guidance.


As a childcare organisation, you have to deal with specific laws and regulations. Moreover, there is often close cooperation between childcare and primary schools. The creation of integrated child centres is a good example of this. Our specialists are well-versed in the laws and regulations governing childcare and primary education. We know exactly what legal requirements you need to meet, and can therefore give you good advice on any issues that arise.

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