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Doing business, that’s your bag. Innovating and excelling. Knowing where you stand, risks covered, and then onwards, towards the next dot on the horizon. Our advisors look beyond the immediate issues you face. They help you shape the future of your business, whether it has 5 or 50,000 employees.

Of course, there is a difference. The bigger your company, the greater the impact of and on social issues, e.g. issues such as wage development or sustainability. But no matter how big or small you are, there are always laws and regulations you have to comply with. Strategic decisions to be taken where law is involved. Our lawyers and legal experts provide just the right support to help your business move forward.

Medium-sized and large businesses

As a business owner, you make choices every day. Private company (BV) or public company (NV)? Cooperate or compete? Expand or downsize? Our lawyers are specialists focusing on what concerns business owners. They advise and assist businesses from small to large, and from regional to international. They are a sounding board for strategic decisions, your advisor on legal issues, and your biggest supporter when a problem arises.

From employment law to privacy, from international law to competition. From specialist knowledge supplementing your own legal department to legal guidance across the board. Boels Zanders provides support, solves problems and keeps an eye on the impact of social issues, armed with knowledge of the market and years of experience of the challenges faced by business owners.

Family businesses

As a family business, your focus is on the long term. You are running the business not only for yourself, but also for the next generation. This calls for an advisor who understands that profit is secondary to value, an advisor who puts continuity first, whatever the issue you are faced with. At Boels Zanders, you will find that advisor.

From succession and profit-sharing arrangements to the working atmosphere, as a family business you operate differently from other businesses. The focus on continuity makes things possible that cannot be done anywhere else. Investments no one else would make. Decisions no other business would take. Our lawyers understand not only the market and the general economic trend, but also the specific issues you face as a family business. Whatever market you operate in.

Listed companies

As a listed company, you want an advisor who understands the complexities of your organisation. Someone who consults with you about how to set up your company. Someone who knows who is liable if things go wrong. Someone who mediates in the event of disputes and looks for a solution for the future.

Boels Zanders is at home in all the areas of law that you face as a listed company. We advise and assist on structuring and restructuring, financial and public liability and international transactions. We also provide you with assistance and litigation services in related areas of law, such as real estate law or privacy.

Doing business internationally

International business offers huge opportunities, especially in the southern Netherlands with Belgium and Germany so close by. But despite the geographical proximity, there are major differences in law and culture. A different legal system applies, with different custom and practice. This makes it important to choose an advisor who can provide you with effective guidance.

Other countries have a different way of doing business. Different laws and a different way of working apply. Our lawyers are familiar with the law and culture of the country you want to do business in, whether you are crossing borders close to home or further away. What if we don’t have the right expertise in-house? If this is the case, we work with an international network of legal firms.

Our specialists also help international players set up their businesses in the Netherlands. This involves various areas of law, such as company law and employment law. They take responsibility for coordinating all legal matters so that you can focus all your attention on what you love most: doing business.

Investment companies

The numbers are clear to you. You know exactly where opportunities lie, which parties are attractive prospects for an acquisition or joint venture and which strings you can pull to get a more favourable revenue-cost ratio. Taking care of the legal side of things, we are there for you, giving advice that pays off.

Our lawyers and legal experts mainly specialise in restructuring, financing and compliance and integrity. They advise and assist on a wide variety of legal issues, e.g. relating to cooperation, real estate, employment and liability. They offer clear advice and pragmatic solutions, possibly in consultation with your own advisors.

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