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The Dutch healthcare system is among the best in the world. How do we keep that care good-quality, accessible and affordable? This is a question to which healthcare institutions, policymakers and patients give a wide variety of answers. As you take steps towards a future-proof sector, our lawyers are happy to walk alongside you.

At Boels Zanders, we know the challenges you face every day. The increasing demand for healthcare and the associated funding by the municipality or Zorgkantoor (care office). The shortage of specialists and helping hands at the bedside. Or issues relating to privacy, which resurface each time a new technological application appears. The specialists in our sector team are alert to administrative relationships and the responsibilities you bear. They are familiar with the complex legislation and will provide you with practical solutions in all aspects of healthcare.


These days, providing the best possible hospital care requires creativity to respond to challenges such as the shortage of specialists and nurses, rising property costs and the demands for sustainability. But above all, to grasp new opportunities.

New technological developments provide opportunities to make healthcare more efficient, better and more appropriate. More cooperation throughout the network and chain, as discussed in the Integral Care Agreement, increases the efficiency and proximity of healthcare. All these opportunities give rise to new questions, e.g. concerning quality and safety. Our specialists understand the complex situations in which you operate. By providing concrete advice and practical solutions, they assist you to care for patients and employees alike.

Mental health institutions

While you are doing your best to help patients with mental health problems with fewer and fewer staff, there are more and more people who cannot keep up with the complexity of our society. To still provide the best possible care in these circumstances, it is great if you are assisted by an advisor who knows your sector and challenges.

Take the trade-off between security and confidentiality. It is precisely the clients with severe mental health problems who often fall between the cracks. What information are you allowed to share with other healthcare providers or agencies, or they with you, to prevent things from going wrong? What rights and especially duties do you have towards clients? What trade-offs do you make and how do you justify your decisions? The lawyers and legal experts at Boels Zanders are happy to help you think things through. They stand beside, in front of and behind you, acting in your interests and in the interests of all those who so desperately need your help.

Long-term care

This sector is run by people passionate about providing care but hampered by a lack of colleagues, as the scarcity is also being felt in long-term care. To organise care more efficiently, like-minded healthcare institutions are increasingly working together, in line with the Integral Care Agreement. This calls for a lawyer’s eye – just like the usual issues, which just carry on in the meantime.

Liability, funding, privacy, employment and pensions: these are just some of the many areas of law your institution has to deal with. Boels Zanders will assist you in all these areas of law. From advice on new joint ventures to representation when family or relatives disagree with the care you provide. We will observe the boundaries of healthy cooperation and support you to ensure the relationship remains workable.

Our services therefore range from large to small – but no less important – issues. In all cases, we keep a close eye not only on your interests but also on your client’s rights.

Youth welfare

When the most vulnerable children are in your care, it is great to have someone by your side. Someone who understands that child safety sometimes clashes with the right to privacy and family life. Someone who knows that your organisation implements policies but does not choose them. Someone who not only advises on day-to-day operations but also engages in discussions in the interests of the child, your staff and your organisation.

As a youth welfare organisation, you operate in a complex playing field. Not only do the interests of children and parents demand your attention, everyone seems to have an opinion on your work. You also have to deal with specific legislation that determines how you handle the care you provide, purchase goods, and cooperate with other organisations.

Our lawyers and legal experts specialise in a variety of areas of law, including corporate law, contract law, employment law, real estate law and procurement law. We advise and litigate as necessary when disputes arise. What we have in common is knowledge of the sector, years of experience and a passion for healthcare. This allows us to assist you in strategic and practical issues by providing concrete advice and solutions that help you move forward.

Primary care

If there is one sector that involves all aspects of society, it is primary care. You see every change in society, every ongoing crisis, reflected in your consulting room. And that consulting room is becoming increasingly full, as demand for care is rising faster than supply. Our lawyers are happy to help ensure you are prepared so that you can continue to provide good care in the future.

Whether it’s about cooperation with chain partners, the funding of the care you provide, or the legal set-up of remote care: our specialists will assist you on all fronts. From business to employment and retirement, from real estate to procurement. We help you identify opportunities and meet the requirements of health insurers. We set boundaries when clients disagree with you about what really constitutes “good care”. In doing so, we can rely on our knowledge of the market, years of experience in healthcare, and affinity with your work and your target group.


Welfare work is an vital link in social policy within municipalities. It forms a basic infrastructure that provides additional support for people who need it. Preventive where possible, it ensures that people can stand on their own two feet. And it is supportive of people who cannot manage this on their own temporarily or at all.

Within the sector, the ability to produce and measure results is becoming increasingly important. Welfare work is in a transformation process towards being more output-driven. This calls not only for repositioning, but also for more and more cooperation in the chain, to join forces to shape the work effectively. Our specialists are familiar with the sector and will be happy to assist you in the challenges that lie ahead.

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