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Jessie Ber

For Jessie, a good relationship with the client and the other party is an important prerequisite for success. Only when everyone feels heard will a lawyer achieve the intended result. Moreover, good cooperation allows her not only to help with problems but also contribute to the growth of businesses. She acts as a sparring partner rather than a lawyer.

Jessie specialises in procurement and construction. A dynamic world where no two days are the same. Contracting, advising, litigating and negotiating for, against and with constantly changing parties. As a result, the content of assignments and the interests involved are very diverse. Moreover, almost every construction project has a different interplay of applicable legislation and case law.

Jessie is enterprising, approachable and honest. Sharp on content and practical: qualities that serve her well when representing the interests of companies. She completed a master’s degree in civil law at Radboud University in Nijmegen and has worked at Boels Zanders since 2023.

Jessie Ber


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Construction law

● Jessie Bertelink

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